Opening Lafayette Baking

Tonight, on the eve of our first Farmer’s Market in Old Town Manassas, I am reminded of an article written by Haymarket Beat’s Stacy Shaw on March 3rd titled, “Town of Haymarket Has Experienced Centuries of Evolution” , in which she stated of us:

“Furthermore, the evolution of Haymarket will continue in 2014-15, as Keith Rinaldi of Café Bonjour will soon open an artisan commercial and customer bread bakery in the old Pace West building.”

I am proud to say that as of today, thanks to the partnership of Keith Rinaldi, Dr. Shawn Landry and Keith Lowry, along with the installation of our long awaited, state of the art, “Made in Italy” Italian oven, we are officially up and running at Lafayette Baking! This has been a dream in the process for a long time for us, and our valued customers, here at Cafe Bonjour and we are looking forward to offering our community of Haymarket our new and upcoming products.

With Lafayette Baking, we are also revamping Bonjour La Parisienne, our wholesale bakery. We are currently in the Manassas, Archwood (ThePlains) and Leesburg Farmer’s Markets, so come check out our wide variety of artisan breads for sale!

We’ve come a long way since our starting days in October of 2012, and we have been lucky enough to have been embraced by the Haymarket community. In the end, we are extremely honored to be considered in the town of Haymarket’s “centuries of evolution” and we are hoping for many more years to come!